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    Welcome to the recruitment page of Quoc Minh Construction Mechanical and Aluminum Co., Ltd (QMC) – a leading company in the field of manufacturing and providing high-class mechanical and aluminum glass solutions.

    Coming to QMC, you will be able to work in a friendly environment with highly qualified and experienced colleagues who are willing to share, cooperate and develop together. QMC always welcomes young, enthusiastic candidates who want to find challenging opportunities, demonstrate bravery and affirm their self-worth. In addition, the experience that the candidate has accumulated in the previous working process is a priority consideration for determining the suitability with the job requirements of each position.

    At QMC, we consider the human factor as the core, the key to the company’s success. All qualified individuals will be assigned to take on jobs in accordance with the company’s professional skills and development orientation.

    Steps to be able to join the QMC team:

    Step 1: Apply

    Candidates can apply in the following ways:

    1. Apply directly:

    QMC corporate office: 5th floor, No. 197 Pham Van Dong, Co Nhue 1 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

    Records include:

    • Application Form (according to the Company’s form); Download here
    • Copies of relevant diplomas and certificates;
    • Curriculum vitae with photo (certified within 1 year);
    • Health certificate (valid for 1 year back);
    • Copy of household registration book, ID card;
    1.  Apply online through the company’s recruitment website
    2. Apply online at recruitment websites where the Company has posted job advertisements (mywork.com.vn, timviecnhanh.com …)
    3.  Send your resume via the Company’s recruitment email:
    •  HR Department QMC: cokhiquocminh@gmail.com

    Step 2: Receipt and screening of applications

    The Admissions Department will review, screen and select the Candidates that match the recruitment criteria. The records are not suitable, the Recruitment Department will save and use for future vacancies.

    Step 3: Invite for an interview

    The Recruitment Department invites suitable Candidates to interview for the vacancy through the email or personal phone number provided by the Candidate.

    Step 4: Interview

    Depending on the position, there may be more than one interview. During the interview, the Company will check some information in the profile and evaluate the candidate’s suitability with the vacancy. The Company will answer the Candidates’ inquiries on matters related to the recruitment.

    –    Round 1: Contact the company’s Recruitment representative to have a basic assessment of the capacity, experience and suitability with the Company’s culture.

    –    Round 2: Head of Department/Department will interview round 2 to check the candidate’s professional capacity and experience, thereby determining pass or fail for the vacancy.

    –   Round 3: (for management positions) candidates will be interviewed by the Director

    Step 6: Add profile

    Candidates who pass the interview will be required to complete the application for the Recruitment Department (if the application is still lacking) to submit the Recruitment Proposal to the Company’s Leaders for consideration and approval.

    Step 7: Notify the recruitment result to the Candidate

    After the Company’s Leaders review and approve, the Recruitment Department will notify the candidate of the recruitment results via email or personal phone number, agreeing with the Candidate on the date of receiving the job (in case the candidate is selected for the position). recruitment).

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