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  • Every business has a different internal culture of behavior, which is its own identity, it is created by the cultural nature of the enterprise. After 10 years of construction and development, QMC also formed its own internal cultural and behavioral identity; specific:

            Integrity: In all work and relationships in the company, it is necessary to be honest and sincere.. Every company in the enterprise needs to honestly reflect with their superiors the daily work that is happening, from which the new leader can make recommendations. decide to handle the job properly and accurately. Avoid giving false, one-sided or unclear information. Because, when the information reflects honestly, it will create wrong decisions that damage the reputation and image of management and the organization, and reduce the Company’s business results.

            Confident: In all communication and behavior situations, you should keep a calm and confident attitude when presenting your views, boldly proposing ideas and initiatives to improve work; willing to accept the suggestions of superiors and have a sense of demand, do not repeat mistakes.

          Teamwork: Colleagues in the company, which are people who come into contact with each other every day at work for a common goal: building a growing QMC. Everyone wants to have good and respected colleagues, so we must unite, cooperate and support each other, live meaningfully, have love, care to share with colleagues, always treat colleagues as brothers. in one house, sharing the sweet and the good together, it must become a good behavior culture in QMC

          Cooperative spirit: In the working process, it is necessary to have a spirit of cooperation, listening, understanding, sharing and learning from colleagues, customers and partners. Each department has its own functions and tasks, but they all serve the overall operation of the Company. If there is no smooth coordination between the departments, the working process will be interrupted, greatly affecting the work progress as well as the reputation of the Company. Therefore, in the process of working for individuals, departments/departments need to take the common interests of the whole Company as a guideline for all actions, not acting just to achieve their individual and departmental tasks but harming the common interests of the Company.

    All disagreements in dealing with work need to be thoroughly considered and resolved through the officers sitting together to thoroughly listen to the views of their colleagues, speak frankly, and tell the truth about everything. feel wrong and appreciate the exchange ideas, suggestions and criticisms of colleagues, together to find out the causes and find solutions to overcome. When giving suggestions to colleagues, they must be sincere, objective with a constructive spirit. When you have been advised by colleagues, if you find it wrong, you should absorb and correct it, you should not be defensive, conservative or crooked.

          Culture of dealing with work:

          Discipline and Creativity: Whoever you are, you need to have a respectful attitude towards your work. Strictly carry out the work in a legally signed manner. Do the assigned work as planned with creativity, maximum effort and dedication to achieve the highest results. But you should not just stop at completing the assigned plan, you should actively explore and propose new ideas that bring operational efficiency to the Company. Managers will greatly appreciate employees who are always willing to take on difficult/complicated tasks and offer appropriate solutions to perform.

    Disciplined attitude towards work is also reflected in the following aspects: respecting working hours, not wasting time working at the Company on personal matters. In everything, you need to be exemplary, dare to think, dare to do and dare to take responsibility for your decisions, know how to accept responsibility when making mistakes by working more actively, ensuring mistakes will not happen again.

            Positive: Positive thinking, constantly learning, cultivating knowledge, improving professional qualifications and foreign languages to best meet the requirements of the job. Knowledge is power so every QMC officer.

    The maintenance of our success depends greatly on our internal strength, the foundation of which is the internal culture of behavior. Therefore, each QMC officer with his or her spirit, consciousness and responsibility needs to perform well the above-mentioned internal conduct actions. By doing that, we will build a strong team that will contribute to the successful implementation of the company’s strategy and business goals in the future.


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