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  • 1. Vision:

    Become a leading company in the region in the field of Manufacturing, Mechanical Processing – and Aluminum and Glass ensuring High Durability – Safety – Quality – Aesthetics – Environmentally Friendly.

    2. Mission

    For Customers: Provide quality products, create true value for customers

    For the Company: Building a cohesive working environment, striving for a common goal

    For Society: create more jobs, contribute value to Society and Community

    For Partners: Promote the spirit of cooperation for mutual development

    3. Core values ​​(should have illustrations like: 5 petals….)


    PRESTIGE: Trust is the foundation of sustainable relationships and cooperation. Each individual builds their own reputation, the whole organization builds its own brand reputation. That is the most valuable value that we always cherish and strive for.

    INTEGRITY: Integrity and honesty are work ethics and the top requirement for every employee and officer of QMC.

    CREATIVE: At QMC, we consider Creativity as a success factor in the digital era, a lever for development, to create differentiated value, economy and speed. All members need to be constantly learning, enterprising, flexible in solutions, drastic in implementation, aiming for the best efficiency.

    Discipline: We attach great importance to the element of “Responsibility – Discipline – Overcoming Difficulties” in each activity, with each individual to complete the task with the best efforts, on the basis of compliance with the Law and the Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct and regulations, policies and regulations of the Company. Discipline is also a prerequisite to ensure Safety in Production – Construction

    READY FOR COOPERATION: QMC values ​​the human element in the organization, promotes sharing, solidarity, teamwork to help each other in work and life, thereby creating balance, completing together. set goals, towards the success and progress of the company. Cooperation is also willing to Listen – Understand – Respect the opinions of Customers and Partners on the basis of mutual benefits for long-term sustainable development goals.

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